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What’s a web site, what’s a web app, and why does it matter?

A web app and web site are not the same thing. Learn the differences and why they matter before you waste time and money on your next project.

Cross platform apps and what you need to know about them

If you've ever looked to have a mobile app built, you've probably come across websites (like our own) that mention building "cross platform" apps. If you're looking to publish your app on Apple's App Store, and the Google Play Store, this might sound pretty...

We love Pantheon WordPress hosting

We've worked with various WordPress hosting platforms, including WPEngine, DreamPress, GoDaddy, and custom setups deployed to AWS. But so far our favourite is the one this site is currently hosted on (as of December 21, 2017)  Pantheon. These days, almost every...

What are single page apps?

So... Single Page Apps. If you've ever worked with a web designer or developer before, you may have heard the term "single page app." But what does that actually mean??? Let's dig into it a little bit. Here's what that term means in a nutshell: single page apps load a...