Tech-Powered Inclusive Community Platform

Project Overview

 We are excited to introduce our client, Curiko and the platform we helped build with them. We started working with Curiko in 2021, bringing our technology skills to their human-centered design expertise. The outcome is a platform for people with and without disabilities to connect, learn, share, and engage in different experiences through an inclusive community platform.

Client Background

Curiko, envisioned by a group deeply passionate about creating a positive societal impact, aimed to establish a platform where inclusivity is not just a feature but the foundation. The project was introduced to Éphémère Creative by a mutual connection, highlighting the alignment in values and vision between Curiko and our team. This partnership was based on a shared commitment to leverage technology for social good.



Build the newly designed platform to bring its functionality to life.


Enhance platform accessibility and user experience.


Bring together a variety of technologies to enable connection.


Help create an engaging and supportive platform.


Architect features for user and team growth.

Our Approach

Éphémère Creative embarked on this journey with Curiko by first understanding the core values and needs of its community. Our collaborative process involved:

Strategic Alignment

Initial discussions with Curiko’s team confirmed a mutual understanding and shared goals, setting a strong foundation for the project.

Architectural Support

Working with their previous provider, our mutual connection, we helped streamline the architecture, using a combination of AWS and DigitalOcean services and optimizing for cost and performance over time.

Design Collaboration

Working closely with Curiko’s talented designers, we bridged the gap between UX/UI Design and technical architecture, ensuring that the platform’s user experience flows were intuitive, accessible, and aligned with the users’ needs.

Innovative Solutions

Using modern technologies like NestJS, GraphQL, Next.js, and Material UI, we built a robust, scalable solution that prioritizes accessibility and user engagement. We use DigitalOcean for our database and AWS S3 buckets to store our files. The system includes Redis and Postgres, as well as containerized services and message queues. It uses Algolia for search and Sanity as a CMS.

Outcome and Impact

The Curiko platform has become a vibrant community hub where people can host and participate in a wide range of experiences.

Enhanced Accessibility

Through thoughtful design and technology collaboration, the platform is accessible and inclusive to a wide variety of people with different needs.

Community Engagement

The platform supports a large community of users, fostering connections and shared experiences among people with and without disabilities.

Streamlined Operations

The custom admin panel and integrated technologies have allowed Curiko’s team to manage the platform efficiently, focusing on growth and community support.


The Curiko project is a great example of what happens when technology and kindness come together. We at Éphémère Creative are proud to have helped create this wonderful project and to consciously support it. It shows our commitment to making digital solutions that matter. The success of Curiko shows us that technology can bring people together and improve their lives. Working with Curiko has taught us the importance of designing with everyone in mind. Our partnership with Curiko is more than just a project; it’s a team effort to make a positive impact, one experience at a time.

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