Innovating Sustainability in Real Estate

Project Overview

EffProp represents one of the cornerstone projects for Éphémère Creative, underscoring our long-standing commitment to innovative solutions that combine technology with sustainability. This case study outlines our journey with EffProp, a platform dedicated to improving the energy efficiency and sustainability of properties through a unique rating system.

Client Background

EffProp began as a visionary concept, evolving over nearly a decade of collaboration. This transition from a professional relationship to valued partnership exemplifies Éphémère Creative’s ethos of working closely with clients who share our values and passion for making a meaningful impact.



Migrate EffProp from limited WordPress platform


Move to a more robust and scalable solution


Handle complex data processing efficiently


Provide a seamless user experience

Our Approach

Platform Migration and Scalability

We migrated EffProp from a WordPress-based solution to a custom-built platform on AWS, later transitioning to North Flank to enhance scalability and cost-efficiency. This move enabled us to implement horizontal scalability, ensuring the platform could handle increased load and data synchronization from the Canadian Real Estate Association’s API effectively.

Rating System Dashboard

At the core of EffProp is a sophisticated algorithm that assigns a single value to properties based on energy efficiency and sustainability criteria. EffProp originally built the algorithm and we gave it a dashboard system for them to flexibly adjust the weights of the algorithm’s properties. This made sure the platform could process and present this complex data intuitively to users.

Machine Learning Integration

In partnership with St. Mary’s University, we integrated machine learning capabilities to predict and guide energy ratings for properties. Performing an EnerGuide assessment can be quite costly. With the addition of advanced predictive analysis, stakeholders in the real estate industry can gain a better understanding of whether it is necessary to conduct such an assessment.

Technology Stack

Our technical solution leveraged modern technologies and frameworks, including Django for the backend, RabbitMQ for message queuing, and Next.js for the frontend. This selection was driven by the need for a flexible, scalable, and efficient system that could support complex data manipulation and user interactions.

Outcome and Impact

The transformation of EffProp into a cutting-edge platform for energy efficiency in real estate has been a significant achievement. Key outcomes include:

Enhanced Performance

The migration to a horizontally scalable architecture resulted in a more responsive and reliable platform, capable of handling large volumes of real estate data and user interactions.

Sustainability Impact

EffProp’s unique rating system and predictive machine learning models have made it a valuable tool for promoting energy-efficient properties, aligning with broader environmental sustainability goals.

Client Collaboration

Our close collaboration with Peter and the EffProp team highlights the importance of shared values and goals in creating technology solutions that matter. This project has been a testament to the power of partnership in achieving mutual objectives.


Working with EffProp has been a rewarding experience, blending technical innovation with environmental sustainability. This project not only showcases Éphémère Creative’s technical expertise but also our commitment to projects that contribute positively to society. As we continue to support EffProp and explore new frontiers in sustainable technology, we remain inspired by the potential of our collaborations to drive meaningful change.

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