Who we are

We're techies and creatives helping mission-driven people and organizations use web technologies to do good in the world.

Why we exist

Founders Raphaël and Éva believe technology has the power to create a brighter future for everyone. They saw the poor quality of tech common to impact-oriented companies and non-profits and took action. Éphémère Creative helps mission driven organizations harness the power of tech to create effective web and mobile platforms, evolving the way these organizations connect with people online.

Technology is a powerful force in our lives; people engage with everything through the internet and apps. Éphémère works directly with organizations to unravel the opacity of tech. With a focus on human centred design and development Éphémère provides creativity, innovation, and accessibility.

What we do

We harness the web and create technology so our clients and partners can deliver real change in the world. We have a range of products and services, from consulting and ready-to-go Start Up Kits, to full stack technology development services.


We build beautiful, powerful websites using the best technologies for the job, so you can reach the people who need you.


We build powerful web and mobile apps built on scalable cloud infrastructures to deliver real value to real people.


We know our technology intimately. We make sure that it always works for you and your clients, and all the support you need to keep the lights on.

Strategic Consulting

We’ll help you figure out how technology can work for you! We don’t simply propose a solution, build it, and walk: we can help you find and setup the right services to reduce friction in your processes, evaluate your options, and put together recommendations tailored to your mission. From planning strategy to testing ideas, developing a low-cost MVP, and planning for the future, we’ll have you covered. If you already have a website, or an app, but are trying to figure out how to move forward and connect with people, manage your data, or develop your online presence, we can help you figure out the path forward.

How we work

We are not here to make a buck, we are here to make a difference. We learn about your goals, what’s important for you, and work from there. You’ll think of us as part of your team. We are cost effective because we are also mission-driven; we deliver high quality projects because we have more than 15 years of experience and we always go above and beyond for the mission.

We are ambitious, and have only one objective:
In the next 5 years, we want to help
positively impact the lives of
over 1 million people
around the world

We are ambitious, and have only one objective:
In the next 5 years, we want to help 100 organizations positively impact the lives of over 1 million people around the world.


Who we are

We are savvy and creative strategists and developers that have a passion for building high-quality, engaging platforms online. We’ll help you build the right solution to deliver your value to the world. Our commitment to excellence, long-term support and a forward-thinking approach are common to all of our projects and make us stand out from the competition.

We are éphémère creative

An awesome community, team, and partners, out to improve the world!

Raphaël Titsworth-Morin
digital jack-of-all-trades
EC co-founder

Raph has been playing with code and design for over a decade. He’s worked in and around tech doing various things for about 8 years. He’s done everything from designing interactive prototypes, to deploying scalable applications to AWS, and everything in between.

Éva Thouvenot
digital marketer & strategist
EC co-founder

Eva has multiple years of digital marketing, strategy and leadership experience. She has lead everything marketing from product development to go-to market strategies, implementing integrated campaigns throughout the entire digital funnel.

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