A selection of our favourite projects.


Bee is a volunteer management platform. At its core, it’s about making it easy for volunteers and those who need them to connect. We took over the development from a previous provider and worked to get the minimum feature set up and running as quickly as possible.

The amazing folks at Pivot designed the interface. We took care of implementing their designs using Firebase as a backend, Stripe as a payment processor, Algolia for search, Prismic to manage internationalized UI content, React for the UI, and Express for certain backend components, running on Firebase Cloud Functions.

We used Algolia to provide a cost-effective, snappy search/filtering interface on the homepage. 

The event creation interface is only accessible to logged in users with an active subscription. We use Firebase for authentication, and managed subscriptions with Stripe.

The profile page allows volunteers to provide information about themselves. The app uses Prismic.io to manage UI content, making internationalization simpler.


EffProp is a company that simplifies the buying and selling of sustainable real estate. We developed a django app for them that runs on AWS. We exposed an API which we consumed with an internal Angular app, and made accessible to real-estate company websites. EffProp developed an algorithm to rank properties based on numerous attributes, culminating in a value called the Green Index. We implemented the algorithm as a flexible system so they can tweak it over time, and modify the components that feed into it. 


Real estate brokerages give access to their agents. In this dashboard, agents can view the properties in their portfolio, as well as print a form to assess the properties and generate API tokens for their website.

This is where real-estate agents plug in the data for a property. The app updates the rankings and Green Index in near realtime as the agent makes changes.